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Training Center for Counselors & Social Workers

Cambodia’s recent history has been shaped by civil war and genocide which has led to severe disruptions in family and social ties.  Recent rapid and unequal modernization compounds to the already complicated lives of many Cambodians, and one of the results has been an increase in widespread violence within Cambodian society.
Women and girls bear the brunt of Cambodia’s societal breakdown and rebuilding while they continue to hold subordinate status relative to men and boys.  Gender-based violence such as rape, domestic violence and sexual exploitation is increasingly common.
Many non-governmental organizations address the issues related to gender-based violence by providing shelters, legal aid and counseling.  However, the need for professional Social Workers and counselors continues to outweigh the number of adequately trained staff available to provide support. Training in mental health and psychosocial interventions in an international context is a developing field and yet little has been written on the principles of training Social Work and counseling paraprofessionals in an international context.
In response to the lack of trained Social Workers and counseling providers, SSC has developed The Training Center for Counselors and Social Workers.  Training content focuses specifically on strengthening the counseling and Social Work skills of NGO staff working with women and girls who have experienced gender-based violence.  Since opening in 2004, the Training Center has trained nearly 200 staff from over 50 organizations.
A 2007 evaluation of the Training Centre found that the quality of the course was exceptionally high and its impact on trainees powerful. The evaluation also indicated the potential to expand the Centre’s offerings. The SSC strategic plan was finalized and an implementation strategy was developed that will allow it to expand and to deepen its work.
Training Schedule
The course consists of six sessions; each session is five days long.  The course is taught one session per month over six months with intervals in between for participants to apply what they have learned in their work setting. Currently SSC is running two courses with 18 students.
Beyond the Course Work
SSC also facilitates an Alumni Association to help graduates of the Course maintain and enhance their skills while encouraging networking among their Social Work colleagues.
Best Practice 
SSC is in the process of documenting its best practice approaches, highlighting the work and impact of our training program.
By exploring and challenging entrenched attitudes and beliefs related to gender, power and hierarchy, the “Social Services of Cambodia – Training Center for Counselors and Social Workers” will help to put lives back together.
    • Develop a Basic Social Work Skills Training Course  that will be accessible to both NGOs and government Social Work staff.
    • Develop a second-level training course to meet specific organizational needs:
      1. Working with orphans and vulnerable children (OVC)
      2. Talking and listening to young people about sex and sexuality, drugs and pornography
      3. Harm reduction and HIV/AIDs Counseling
    • Expand the training program for Social Work trainers.
    • Strengthen the internal capacity to provide supervision and follow up during and after training.
    • Continue to develop community-based psychosocial projects and practicum sites.
    • Provide in-house supervision to sister NGOs whose staff have completed the Training Course.
    • Conduct research to inform program design and advocacy effort.

See Eligibility Requirements to determine if you or your staff is eligible to participate in SSC’s Training Course.

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