Promoting Social Work as a Valued Profession


To raise awareness in Cambodia of social work as a valued profession. The target audiences are the general public, civil society, government officials, and high school students. This will be done by designing and disseminating messages and materials to clarify and raise interest in social work’s role in Cambodia, using print, broadcast and social media. The project will measure the impact of the program, and prepare plan to scale up to all 5 provinces.

Program Description

This program is designed to make the first steps in raising the profile and status of social work as a profession in Cambodia.

There will be 4 basic campaigns targeted at the following groups:
1. University-bound high school students.
2. Ministries involved in social development (MoSVY, MoEYS, MoI, MoJ, MoWA, MoH) at
leadership level and technical level
3. The General Public
4. Civil Society – the NGOs that often implement programs that would benefit from social
work principles and methods, but have no social work leadership or trained staff.




(Photo: World Social Work Day

15 March 2017 )